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There were many reasons for this decision. Although I should say that at the time of my decision I was not really following this forum - so I didn't really realize that most people tend to chose surgery, especially for ANs my size. My doctors kind of treated this casually, "oh, there is no urgency" and I was told that I was a candidate for radiation.
Anyway, it mainly had to do with logistical reasons. I have two little ones, a very demanding job, and no other family in proximity (all family is overseas). I knew that with surgery I would need LOTS  of help during the recovery period. And as everybody knows here, it is not only the first 4-6 weeks, but it can be ongoing in some cases. I was especially afraid about debilitating headaches, diziness etc - my main concern was taking care of the kids. I was (and still am) essentially symptom-free, and I wanted to keep that as much as possible.
Another important factor was the proximity to specialized care. I would most certainly need to travel to a major centre, like Toronto, to get treatment, since there aren't any specialized surgeons here. This again would be a problem with kids etc, especially if there were complications. And, even after surgery, people often need access to specialists, who again would not be available here. So I envisioned months of having to travel around to get good access to specialists. Finally, I was just coming back to work from my second maternity leave - my job is demanding, having to lead a lab, direct people etc - going off for another leave would be pretty much a disaster at that point.
Things have worked out very well until now, with no complications and not a single day missed at work and I am hopeful about my upcoming 1 year post-GK MRI. I realize that in the long term I might end up needing surgery, but I was hoping that I could delay this as much as possible, until the kids are a bit older.

Feel free to PM me, I would be happy to share more details and any other information.

GK on April 23rd 2008 for 2.9 cm AN at Toronto Western Hospital. Subsequent MRIs showed darkening initially, then growth. Retrosigmoid surgery on April 26th, 2011 with Drs. Akagami and Westerberg at Vancouver General Hospital. Graduallly lost hearing after GK and now SSD but no other issues.

Vivian B.

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Hi Marianna

Thanks for your input. I guess I will have to dixcuss all the options with the Neuro. I see him on Tuesday. I just received a call to confirm the appt. The reason why I am considering it if an option is that mine is a liittle deeper than your regular AN and the facial nerves will be destroyed during the surgery as well as complete hearing loss. I am too concerned about recovery period and work. My kids a liittle bit older, but regardless of age they always need you. I have heard some good responses on the radiosurgery. You may never need surgery. The radiation stats. have been pretty good. I hear that some surgeries also result in regrowth over a period of time, so I don't think your chances are any less than if you would have had surgery.

Thanks again.

CPA AN(most likely meningioma) 1.6cm by 1.5cm by 1.9cm diagnosed early March 09. Watch and Wait.