Author Topic: Dr Delashaw in Oregon at OHSU???  (Read 2274 times)


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Dr Delashaw in Oregon at OHSU???
« on: September 30, 2008, 03:49:43 pm »
Greetings to all, I have quite a story but right now I am on a mission. Has anyone had surgery by Dr Delashaw in Oregon. I am going to have a second AN surgery, Mine has grown back. First done by Dr Brackmann in n2004. In my opinion,, he is my first choice but I live in Oregon. Any opinions?????????  Thanks     Larry
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Re: Dr Delashaw in Oregon at OHSU???
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 07:35:04 pm »
Hello Larry
I know somebody by the name of Rebecca that is on the NF2 board that had surgery for an AN by Dr. Delashaw. As far as I know she was very happy with him. She got referred by Dr. Mayburg from Seattle. I do hope you find someothers that will chime in.

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