Author Topic: Hope and Inspiration for the Newly Diagnosed (Vol II)  (Read 5544 times)

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Re: Hope and Inspiration for the Newly Diagnosed (Vol II)
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2008, 02:37:22 pm »
Hi Steve~ I'm so glad you added your thoughts to this thread.  In starting it, I was thinking specifically about newly diagnosed patients & their support people (pre-treatment)...and how helpful it would be to most folks to see a bright spot through the haze of diagnosis. 

You are absolutely right that hope and inspiration comes in many forms.  As you, Debbi, Kaybo, Lori, Jim and others have said and shown...what inspires most of us and gives us hope is to see the human spirit triumph over obstacles.  A "good news" story (to me) is not necessarily just one that describes coming out of treatment without complications.  It is one that encourages others in any way.  Each individual brings a unique experience and perspective to the board, and survivor stories are an important part of encouraging patients with a new diagnosis. 

I share information about our experiences with Bridget for the same reasons...because I know how hard it was when we got her diagnosis.  Being a few years out with her, I can tell new parents that Down syndrome itself is not something to fear.  In those early days, it was hard to picture Life returning to any semblance of "normal" conceive of our household once again being happy, and joyful.  We've had our struggles, but they have been much farther apart and much less intense than I had pictured.  And I wasn't able to picture the good things at all.  Bridget's website and blog are testaments to the fact that the good things are in large number these days.  What once seemed like an overwhelming and insurmountable challenge is now a triumph.

I remember your sweet comments about Bridget's website...and you're right...everyone should get to have one of her!!

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Re: Hope and Inspiration for the Newly Diagnosed (Vol II)
« Reply #16 on: August 18, 2008, 02:17:16 pm »

You honestly just rawk for sharing this with us (as well as everyone else's inputs).  I derive my hope and inspiration from all those that walked the AN journey before me... and my hope is that the newbies here derive it from folks like you.  thank you for sharing this!

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Re: Hope and Inspiration for the Newly Diagnosed (Vol II)
« Reply #17 on: August 22, 2008, 04:35:00 pm »
Hi Lisa,
What a truly beautiful story. I hope that one day I may give someone the hope, comfort and the support that I have recieved here. I made a promise to myself when I joined this forum that as I heal and my life continues to roll along that no matter what that I will continue to, at least, come back every anniversay of my surgery and give everyone an update. You never know I may just help someone too!
Thanks for the update.
Michelle  ;D
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