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Re: 1 Year MRI results
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Back to you Nick, I have been waiting and watching since 2005.  You can get my growth info from my signature below.  I have had all five of my MRIs done at the same place with the same machine and done by the same person.  One, two and three MRIs were read by different docs and came up with basically the same size.  Fourth and fifth MRIs were read by the same doc.  Comparing all five, 1-4 looked the same on the screen (a half moon), and the 5th is a full moon.  I just thought you might find that interesting.  Hearing has gotten worse this past year so I am considering bailing on the wait and watch to go for the gamma knife.  However, if you can live with what your've got, then waiting is probably a good idea.  And, getting a second, third, fourth or as many opinions as you feel comfortable with would be worth the effort.  Right now I am waiting for my doc to review my case with his doctor friends, and I will go from there.  In a way, I think these ANs are mental abuse.  Some can see blessings I guess, but I will have to determine that as time goes on.  Take care.  Nancy
12/05 AN diagnosed left ear 4.5mm
06/08 6mm
Gamma Knife 10/21/08
1 year MRI  6.8mm x 5.5mm
2 year MRI  5.9mm x 4.9mm
3 year MRI  6.5mm x 6.0mm 
Slight Hearing Loss Post GK

Swedish Gamma Knife Center
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