Author Topic: USE FULL Information for every Body  (Read 2889 times)


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USE FULL Information for every Body
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:45:31 pm »
Guys ,

I did 2 months full time research to find the sources to find right doctors and right approach. 

1) I had a paid member ship in, which will give top doctors in state wise and speciality wise.
 If any body need send me state, I can email the list

2) I took Complete Paid Reports about 10 doctors in NY state and in CA through
    If any body need I can send these reports

send me an email to also. I will reply with the info. what you need. Becuase when I try to paste that list in  forum place, the text format chaning . so that it is not readable 

If U want to talk to me send me an emal with your contact number . I can Provide the info. what i know

Right now I am using Homeopathic  medicine from one homeo doctor who is internationally well know , he wrote a Book also about cancer treatment in Homeopath. I want to wait for few more months for surgery if required by observing next MRI



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Re: USE FULL Information for every Body
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2007, 10:47:46 am »
nimmy:  WHERE WERE YOU 14 MONTHS AGO ?(oh yeah, I didn't even have a computer then!!).  I think it's great that you posted this for everyone.   Good for you taking the time to investigate.  Wish I had.    Always good thoughts,  Nancy
2.2cm length x 1.7cm width x 1.3cm  depth
retrosigmoid 6/19/06
Gold weight 7/19/06, removed 3/07
lateral tarsel strip X3
T3 procedure 11/20/07
1.6 Gm platinum weight 7/10/08
lateral canthal sling 11/14/08
Jones tube insert right inner eye 2/27/09
right facial paralysis
good to go.


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Re: USE FULL Information for every Body
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2007, 08:22:44 pm »
I was just diagnosed Aug/Sept '07 w/ a left 2.5cm AN. I have interviewed at least 5 Dr's so far but the great options don't seem to be out there. So I trying to make the best/reasearched choice and have the feeling the ground is crumbling under my feet? I also just lost my dad Sept 29th, and have 2 small children. I'm so glad to find this forum! The direction I seem to be headed is towards FSR. My balance nerves are gone my hearing is going and I am 45 trying to hold on to the hearing I have. My last appointment was w/ Dr William Friedman @ Shands in Gainesville FL. He does not do question to the group is re: who & where for FSR? I live in FL but travel for this seems likely? Any experiences/thoughts re: FSR are appreciated! Thanks, Yenna
Oh, Happy Turkey Day!
2.5cm left AN diag. 8/2/07, w/ possible Pseudo Tumor Cerebri or Hydrocephalus
(balance nerves gone, aprox, 30% hearing loss, AN resting on brain stem)
CK 1/16/07, Stanford, Chang & Gibbs.