Author Topic: newly diagnosed in Western Massachusetts  (Read 11291 times)


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Re: newly diagnosed in Western Massachusetts
« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2007, 07:01:45 pm »

Thanks so much. We fly back to snowy Iowa tomorrow. Friedman was very pleased with Susan's facial improvement and so is she. To those newly diagnosed, hang in there. There are lots of folks here in your corner.



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Re: newly diagnosed in Western Massachusetts
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Three Cheers for susan!  May you have an uneventful trip home!  Keep in mind since you're going to brrr snow head hurt after surgery with the first cold front we goodness it was a low of 40!  ;D  Make sure she has something for her head just in case!

Wow you upper easterners really got tsl covered.  I'd almost bet you could do the treatments yourselves  :-*  I like this family better than my real guys RAWK!  :-*


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Re: newly diagnosed in Western Massachusetts
« Reply #17 on: January 22, 2007, 09:43:06 am »

When I spoke to Dr. Mason, he mentioned that there's a new gamma knife center opening up at Baystate, and that he was in line to be trained on it in the next few weeks.  He did state that Dr. Loeffler at Mass General does excellent work, primarily with the proton beam these days (ironically enough, I walked past the entrance to the Proton Beam Center on my way to see Dr. McKenna last week...and Dr. McKenna also offered to refer me to Dr. Loeffler).


Hi Lisa

Well, hope this helps.. and great team you are setting up.

Ok, here are radio-surgery options in New England that are tried and true:

Proton at MGH:

Cyberknife at Beth Israel:

Gammaknife with Dr. Noren New England GammaKnife Center:

FSR/Novalis at Brigham/Womans:

For local/Metro Boston (and Providence) leaders in AN radiosurgery, these seem to lead the pack.  Hope these links help. Many of us here on the website have been treated by all of these teams, so we can individually respond to how we have done.  I'm also thrilled to hear they are bringing GK out your way.  This is great news!

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