Author Topic: Hearing options after translab surgery  (Read 2574 times)


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Hearing options after translab surgery
« on: October 23, 2021, 11:25:57 am »
Hello, I am 47 and due to have translab surgery in November (Dr Hansen at Iowa) for AN. When I asked him about hearing option for my AN side ear (severe hearing loss), he said we can look at those options after the surgery. He said cochlear implants might be a possibility but he doesn’t want to raise my hopes. He did say he can transfer sounds from the AN side ear to the other ear (perhaps referring to BAHA or CROS—not sure). Please share your experiences and inputs on the hearing options after translab surgery. Also, some people get their hearing device put in at the same time as surgery but I was told that, for me, it’d be done after the surgery. Is that a standard practice too?
Thanks so much!
47 yr female
Progressive hearing loss, tinnitus since 2017
AN diagnosis left ear September 2021
1.5 cm width x 2.5 cm length
Translab November 2021
@ Univ of Iowa (Dr Marlan Hansen)
SSD, facial nerve preserved
Recovery slow but steady