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trans labyrinthine approach
« on: September 23, 2021, 10:48:59 pm »
I was diagnosed in 2019 with AN, at the time of the MRI it was 8mm x 2mm. I recently had my MRI (2 years have passed, covid delayed my annual) the size is now 2.1cm x 1cm. I had my followup with my ENT the other day and he said now is the time to act. My wife and I are leaning towards surgery, I am a big guy and the Gamma Knife would be a tough fit even tho I've lost 100lbs in a year. My ENT is recommending the trans labyrinthine approach. I know with this approach hearing will be completely lost I am already down to 24% in the AN ear so nothing really to save. I am curious has anyone else had this procedure? Looking for what post op has been like for anyone here. I am attending the group meeting on Oct 3rd to become more aware and help support.

Thank you.