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Neurosurgeon in Switzerland-
« on: August 11, 2019, 12:50:15 am »
I had my CyberKnife Surgery (one treatment) at the Hirslanden Clinic with Dr. Thomas Mindermann. He listened carefully and explained fully. We quite a discussion about positioning during the are not screwed down like for gamma knife. He adamantly believes that fractionated radio treatment is done because the operators are unable to deliver treatment precisely. At my 6 month MRI checkup, my cystic Vascular Schwannoma shrunk considerably. My symptoms have not worsened. I feel very fortunate that I have a neurosurgeon I can contact directly, if I need to. I do not have to go through a PA or a resident. I have first-class world-wide insurance coverage, and could have gone anywhere. I read on the ANAUSA site about after care management in some centres by PA's, no thanks. I was told by the office at ANA that I could call various centres and speak to someone on the team about a second opinion. I called 3 different places in the US- and I could get as far as a billing clerk. I called the centre in Boston over and over---sent e-mails to Dr. K. Stankovic and her team---no answer. The Centre at Havard is even recruiting patients for research-no answer. Dr. Mindermann is a gentleman and a scholar. I feel fortunate to have received such attentive care.
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