Author Topic: Dr. Robert Jackler and Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez-Miranda at Stanford  (Read 1750 times)


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Hi All,

So I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma 4 years ago. I had my surgery originally with Dr. Theodaplolus and Dr. Chang at UCSF. I lost the hearing in my right ear and have a cough that hasn't gone away since the original surgery. After UCSF tried to rush me to get Gamma Knife shortly after my surgery, I have been seeing Dr. Jackler. The tumor is regrowing, it was about 26mm and they removed 10mm and now it is back at 19mm. I have to do a second surgery and I am going with Dr. Jackler and Dr. Fernadez-Miranda. My concern is facial nerve paralysis and complication that would require a longer recovery and other possible side effects.

So I guess the big question how are these two doctors when it comes to AN surgery and preventing facial paralysis? I so far really like Dr. Jackler, he seems kind, patient and knows what he is doing. Dr. Fernandex-Miranda also seems to be great.