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dentist and facial palsy


Hello friends,
I had a retrosigmoid  6 years ago and a facial palsy HB 4.
After therapy, massage, B12 and so on, I am happy  now on HB 2.
Newt week I m going to the dentist for a problem concerning the  root of my tooth on  the side of the palsy.
I am afraid of novacaine or sedation.
Will the facial nerve become weaker? Will the palsy get worse?
Can you share with me your experience please.
Thank you.

Jill Marie:
Sorry my reply is to late for your appointment, haven't been on the board as we moved a month ago.  Anyway, I had a root canal done on my left side and had no issues.  I had a facial tumor removed via retrosigmoid on my left side 27 years ago and still have a bit of facial palsy. Hope you did okay at the dentist.  Jill

Hello Jill,
 I  appreciate your post.
Today the dentist will work on my tooth once more I will go  through an anesthetic experience again and probably it  will not be the last one.
Sometimes it is important not to feel alone with our anxieties.
Thank you.

Jill Marie:
Very true, it seems to help just knowing someone knows what you are going through.  After going through the surgery I too am more anxious when it comes to some medical procedures.  On the plus side though, since I have survived and thrive after so long I don't sweat the small stuff in life so much and appreciate things others don't.  Hope your visit went okay and your dental issues will be resolved soon so you can relax.  Jill

Thanks for this post / discussion, i always wondered what others were doing or thinking re: the dentist.

I delayed the dentist for a year or two while feeling facial numbness because there is general anxiety. No facial palsy, but still worried about it. And it DID go fine.


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