Author Topic: "but it's just a small neuroma" (how many times will I be told this)  (Read 2330 times)


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Not in best mood today even though glad to have the GK behind me 10 days ago.

My AN was 13x7 mm when diagnosed March 2nd, probably a bit bigger by GK time recently... but...
How many times do I have to hear that it was a small tumor?  I still have 100% hearing loss on that side.  What consolation is there in being told it's "small" - ??
They act like I just won some sort of prize when they say it.  Obviously, this is not as bad as a huge cancerous tumor, I fully understand and appreciate that.  But for whatever reason, this "small" neuroma has been no walk in the park.  It might be relatively small by medical clinical standards, but I am still just as 100% deaf on my left side from it... and that is permanent.

March 1, 2018 - Hearing loss left side, acute vertigo
March 2, 2018 - MRI show 13 x 7 mm AN (probably growing)
May 2018 - ENT/audiologist indicate 100% hearing loss on left side is permanent
June 29, 2018 -  GK at Wake Forest in NC
Dec.2018 -  MRI shows zero growth
Jan.2020 MRI shows tumor shrinking

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Re: "but it's just a small neuroma" (how many times will I be told this)
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Some people just don't get it!  I remember when a friend found out that I had a non-cancerous facial nerve neuroma, she said, "oh, thank goodness, I was told it was a brain tumor."  That was the last I heard from her about it.  It may be small but it's big in your world.  Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, post more either way, we get what you are going through better then most.

Facial Nerve Neuroma removed 6/15/92 by Dr. Charles Mangham, Seattle Ear Clinic. Deaf/left ear, left eye doesn't water.