Author Topic: Consistency of The Acoustic Neuroma once removed  (Read 850 times)


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Consistency of The Acoustic Neuroma once removed
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:32:04 pm »
Hi everyone, just curious if anyone knows what the consistency of these A.N’s . I was at a support group meeting in N.Y.C earlier this month and it was brought up? I know it was mentioned that they sometimes are called sticky , and that the stickier they are the more problems a person can have? I know my A.N is very small and have had tons of balance issues, my first E.N.T Doctor said she would bet that the tumor was sticky and that type can cause more problems or inflammation? Does anyone agree or heard it this way? It was also mentioned for someone at the support group that there Doctor said that it had the consistency of play-doh or sometimes chewing gum? I am just curious and trying to think about my A.N and the problems it has caused me in a practical manner. Thanks in advance for any interesting input.