Author Topic: Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic  (Read 2843 times)


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Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic
« on: November 25, 2017, 12:26:12 pm »
hi - i'm sorry if there's already a thread opened up on this somewhere; i tried to search before posting but didn't see anything.

just received a letter yesterday announcing that dr. schwartz - who removed my son's AN in february 2016 - has left house and is now practicing at the university of san diego.  i'm sure all of his former patients either have or will receive this letter, but i wanted to mention it since i know his name is synonymous  here with the house clinic, so when referring to him, please note that he's no longer there.  :(
22 y/o son:

2.8cm dx 12/31/15
translab (10 hours) at house clinic 2/23/16 - dr schwartz, dr miller
surgical repair of csf leak 2/27/16 - dr miller, dr chen
as of 2/28/16, still in hospital, with tentative release scheduled for 3/1/16
{indeed sprung 10:15a 3/1/16}


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Re: Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 04:51:47 pm »
I also got a notification that Dr. Rick Friedman left Keck USC. Looks like Dr. Marc Schwartz and Dr. Rick Friedman team together to form an AN center in  UC San Diego now.
08/18/2010, first vertigo episode and tinnitus, 9mm AN found in left ear. Wait and Watch.
1/20/2016,  AN increased to 13mm.
3/21/2016, Middle Fossa at House with Drs. Brackmann/Schwartz/Stefan. Entire tumor removed, no facial issues, hearing preserved, gradually regain balance through daily walks.


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Re: Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2018, 08:39:34 am »
Yea, here is the press release from UC San Diego:

Dr. Marc Schwartz and Dr. Rick Friedman have both moved to UC San Diego at the end of 2017. They did my surgery together at House back in 2013, and I called them the dream team!! They did the Middle Fossa approach and preserved my hearing, and I didn't have a single balance or facial issue!
Diagnosed Dec 2012: AN 1.4 cm with mild hearing loss and tinnitus. Surgery: Middle Fossa at House with Schwartz/Friedman on April 10, 2013. Entire tumor removed, no facial issues, no balance issues, and they preserved my hearing!! Co-leader of the Washington, DC ANA support group since 2016.


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Re: Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2018, 06:02:15 pm »
I can confirm this, I had a 3cm AN removed at UCSD Jacobs Medical Center by Drs. Schwartz and Friedman.  Surgery itself was a fantastic experience minus a few bumps in the road.  The bumps were mostly due to my being one of the early AN patients at a new facility where supporting medical staff were not quite used to the carefully choreographed 'dance' of veterans like Schwartz and Friedman.

I hope and expect to begin documenting my experiences more formally soon from the scraps of paper, emails and photos to myself, etc.  I'm very much still in recovery which is going on the "better than average" side of things, but far from perfect still.  However, none of that detracts from the fantastic work this duo and their team did at UCSD before, during and after the procedure.

If you have doubts, do some research on them both.  They're renowned for a reason and my experience backs that up in spades.  Friedman remains the ONLY doctor of any discipline who has truly been "available" when I needed advice.  From the first time I reached out until recently with a recovery question, he gets back to you SO quickly, it shames pretty much every other medical professional by comparison.
3 cm x 2.7 cm x 2.7 cm vestibular schwannoma
Translabyrinthine @ UCSD Jacobs Medical Center
Dr. Rick Friedman and Dr. Marc Schwartz 11/16/2017
Facial weakness Dec 17


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Re: Dr. Marc Schwartz, formerly of House Clinic
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2018, 05:27:43 pm »
Agree with AJFunk. 

UCSD with Schwartz and Friedman is THE PLACE TO GO!!!!!!! 

I had surgery there on 12/15/17 to remove my 2.2cm tumor.  Its just about two months ago and I went on a 2 mile run today.  I do still have some recovery to do and I am working with a Vestibular physical therapist.  I am progressing rapidly.  I will be back to work in a few weeks.  I have absolutely NO FACIAL Weakness.  NO Spinal Fluid Leak.   

I received 9 opinions regarding my tumor (NYU, Cornell, Mayo, CU, Duke, UVA are some).  I narrowed it down to UCSD or NYU (Roland and Golfinos).  Schwartz and Friedman are amazing at what they do and they make themselves available to speak anytime.  Dr.Schwartz gave me his cell phone number when I arrived in San Diego (I live in Denver).  The program they are building there is going to be world class.  UCSD Intensive care nurses were all amazing.  I have no negative feedback. 

I can't stress enough how important it is to do research before you make your decision.  I have seen and heard of some bad outcomes in other places.  Schwartz has performed 2000 surgeries and Friedman has performed 1000 surgeries.  Together they are an amazing match.  They have different personalities but they compliment each other well. 

I'm happy to talk to anyone who has questions.
39 yrs old.
2.2 cm tumor (Retrosigmoid 12/15/17)

Retrosigmoid Surgery 12/15/17
UCSD - Friedman and Schwartz