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Hi all,
I'll be getting a consultation with Dr.Azizzadeh soon for this surgery. He's the only Dr. In the world that does it. He actually pioneered it. Basically he maps the facial nerves and turns some off and on. Rewires your nerves. Just amazing. I have had a partial smile since my AN surgery in 2008 and wish I could have a full smile again.
I'm worried about the cost since I doubt insurance will pay but you never know. I'll keep everyone posted.

If you are interested in additional services, or if they suggest some, see if they can give you a breakdown on how much the different services are. I had a consult last year for selective neurolysis, and we looked at adding an asymetrical facelift along with some work around my eye to address synkinesis there. They came back with one lump sum for the package, so it would have been nice to know how much it would have cost if I had eliminated one or two procedures. Also, do you live in California? Pricing doesn't include hotel nights in the Beverly Hills area, and you need to stay long enough for follow-up care or to have any stitches removed, etc.  I'm still intriqued, but I guess I chickened out for now.

Make sure to think hard about any questions you might have. I thought I was prepared, but I thought of several as soon as we hung up the phone (Skype actually). Best of luck!

Any updates?  I am intrigued in exploring this as well.

Any updates/info?
Thanks in advance

I've met with the doctor and discussed my options. He agrees I'm a perfect candidate for this procedure.

The cost of the surgery is 35k - this is with insurance coverage, but my plan with Cigna does not provide coverage for this due to it being out of network. They said around 40k with no insurance coverage at all which is weird to me.

I was referred to a specialist to attempt to get Cigna to pay but we'll see. 35-40k is a price to pay, but I feel it's almost worth it.


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