Author Topic: AN Possibility, Symptoms and Treatment Question  (Read 877 times)

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AN Possibility, Symptoms and Treatment Question
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:58:02 am »
Greetings all, I've been reading many posts and there is lots of helpful, friendly info on here so I'm writing to tell of my situation and would welcome any feedback.

Approximately 2 months ago I developed a constant ringing in my left ear. I first thought that because I had been to two really loud concerts in the past 3 months in which both ears were ringing for a night afterward, that it might be related. But then it seemed to go away and the ringing in my left appear appeared and stayed. I went to my GP (I'm in Canada) and she referred to me an ENT who did an audiogram. The results of that were that my right ear is normal and my left ear dropped off after 2K kilohertz. Because he said this is the hallmark of an acoustic neuroma I am now awaiting an MRI for that test. Of course I'm scared. So I was wondering if anyone hear experienced similar symptoms, had been tested, and the result came back negative? The ENT says he's 99% sure it will come back negative.....but that he doesn't see what else it could be' lol. He says this does not fit the pattern of normal hearing loss.

Some possibly relevant info. I have a broken nose with a bone spur on left side (he says it's not the cause).
I was on 3 different antibiotics for a sinus infection right before the ringing started.
I went to two very loud shows in the month prior.
The ringing is unilateral and the tinnitus is also unilateral only in my left ear.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks.



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Re: AN Possibility, Symptoms and Treatment Question
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 12:38:37 am »
Hi Paul I’m in Kelowna BC...In March 2017 I noticed tinittus and hearing loss...thought it was a sinus cold...had 2 hearing test a month apart...hearing got worse saw an ENT hearing got worse..he said it’s nothing put me on the mri list I said hellll no ...paid $1250 for a private MRI and he tried to talk me out of it...turns out On Nov 2Nd I found out I have a 3 cm AN ...he felt I’m waiting till Feb 2 Nd to talk to someone ...the first person to tell me about it...I researched crazily and bugged every one to get me I your own advocate and get a private mri!  My hearing got worse every month up until last week ...
Diagnosed with 30x28x26 mm acoustic neuroma
Progressive hearing loss and tinnitus
No other symptoms yet..