Author Topic: Newly diagnoses 1.2 cm AN  (Read 6564 times)


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Re: Newly diagnoses 1.2 cm AN
« Reply #15 on: January 11, 2017, 05:50:14 pm »
A doctor here at House (where I am currently recovering from retro-sigmoid) said that they are finding malignancies in people who were treated by gamma knife or cyber knife in the past. 

Nausea doesn't seem to be a common effect of ans, but I am very far from being a doctor.

 Who are "they" and are they talking about AN's?   GK and CK are used as treatments for a plethora of tumors all over the body in the case of CK,  malignant and non.   I would want a more substantiated statement, not just something thrown out there.
 As to the nausea, it's like a number one symptom people get with AN's.  Not unusual at all.
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Re: Newly diagnoses 1.2 cm AN
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Good questions rupert. As I stated earlier in this thread, "I like to match probability of malignancy from radiosurgery (~0.01% to 0.1%) against probability of death from microsurgery (~1%). This is from the paper at"

Also nausea and dizziness are pretty similar.


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Re: Newly diagnoses 1.2 cm AN
« Reply #17 on: January 13, 2017, 12:54:41 pm »
As  I stated in my post, I am not a doctor and would never put myself forth as an expert.  I repeated what the Doctor at House, where people come from all over the world to have their ANs treated, and where they do hundreds of surgeries a year, told me, namely that "they"(doctors at House) are seeing people who had gamma knife many years ago who now have either cancerous tumors or irradiated tumors that have grown in such a way that they are extremely difficult to remove.  No, I did not check out his statement, though I can't imagine why he would have made it up.  I would also assume that anyone contemplating treatment would read each comment posted and evaluate it with his medical team. 

Although they specialize in microsurgery at House, they also do radiation.  In fact, when I first called and told them my age (middle 70's) I was advised that most patients my age choose radio surgery because of the risks involved with surgery.  However, since radiation often causes a swelling of the tumor before it shrinks, that would have been impossible for me as a growth of just 2 mm had caused pressure on my trigeminal nerve.