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Getting tired of daily headaches
« on: August 05, 2016, 01:10:01 pm »
I had an translab AN surgery two years ago, and since this day I have daily headaches.
The pain starts the morning about 20 min after I get up, sometimes I wake up with. The pain never comes back after 6PM.
The only thing I can do to stop it is to lie down, and it disappear automaticaly after 10 minutes, but reappears about 20 min later when i get up again.
If i don't lie down, the pain is getting worse and worse until i vomit. (I usually try to avoid this :) )
I've experienced many remedies, and the only one that helps a bit is acupuncture, with acupuncture I had my first week without pain.
Today I can't take any painkiller, since i weakened my stomach with by taking them every day.
I dropped out of school because of that, people and even my family don't understand why i keep lying down in my bed all day. For them I'm suffering of a kind of depression.
I'm fighting against pain every time i do some physical activity, i realized that sudden motion of my neck automaticaly occurs pain.
Has anyone of you got rid of chronic headaches ?
Today I'm 20 years old, and I just wanted to know if one day I could have a normal life again.
(sorry for my bad english, i'm from France.)
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Re: Getting tired of daily headaches
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2016, 01:16:22 am »

Hi, I'm very sorry for your troubles.
I had retro not translab so maybe yours are different
Lots of ppl who had AN surgeries have problems with headaches, i am one of those ppl. I too am fed up with them, they're affecting the quality of my life.
They started like 3 months after my surgery and have been bothering me ever since.

Did your headaches become less frequent in  these 2 years? after your surgery?
Mine got a lot less painful  after i stopped the painkillers.
Try doing this and talk to your surgeon to point you towards some headache specialists. Don't give up
Some AN headaches get better with time on their own some ppl are managing them with meds
Everyone is different i guess, try reading the headache section here.

I took painkillers for a while hoping that they will pass after i while but the pain killers worked less and less and i had to take more of them
They soon gave me rebound headaches and i had to stop them.
Then i tried different treatments prescribed by neurologists (they didn't do nothing).
Now i am 1.5 years after my surgery and i have to say the headaches are less frequent.
I have days when they flare up (especially when i'm more active).
I am hoping they will be gone for good because im sick of taking meds, they dont do nothing and cause terrible side effects.


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Re: Getting tired of daily headaches
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2016, 10:00:32 am »
After many tries with a lot of medicines, it seems that acupuncture is effective.
I started one session it one month ago, and my headaches have been gone for 15 days.
I will start a new session in two weeks.
But apart from that, concerning the frequency of headaches, this is not better than two years ago. (they appeard the day of the surgery).
The intensity of the pain is the same i think, maybe a little less those days because i try to manage it by lying down as soon as it start.


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Re: Getting tired of daily headaches
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2016, 03:07:42 pm »
I had retrosigmoid in November 2015 and have daily headaches. I'm glad to hear accupuncture worked because I am starting that this coming Friday. It would be GREAT not to have a headache every day.
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