Author Topic: Blurry peripheral vision-- new recovery symptom?  (Read 1829 times)


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Blurry peripheral vision-- new recovery symptom?
« on: August 30, 2016, 05:46:35 pm »
I tried to search, but kept coming up empty. So trying this out--I'm 32 and am 7 months post translab on my right side 2.5cm AN. I had facial paralysis. I'd say I'm maybe at 90% now. No PT. I've started having involuntary eye movement slash twitches. It's triggered when I'm talking with people in social situations. Around the same time that this started up, I've also been experiencing random blurry vision in my right eye. (Oh still no tears. But not noticeable dryness ever.)

Is this in the realm of normal recovery? What is happening? Anyone experienced this?

Thanks in advance!