Author Topic: post Baha surgery complications..  (Read 2660 times)


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post Baha surgery complications..
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:59:36 am »
Hi before I start I just want to say I never had AN. I have sshl in my right ear. I am hear cause we pretty much all are deaf in one ear and have had baha surgery.well.. here is my situation, if anyone can help please let me know. I had surgery june 16th

Well,, it has been 3 weeks and now on my 3rd set of antibiotics since surgery. Started with sulfamethoxazole for the first week, didn't get to finish it and was started on clindamycin hcl the next week, finished that one and now I am on a 10 day of ciprofloxacin hcl. and if this does work the doctor feels he may have to close it up ,wait for it to heal then cut it back open. this is getting very depressing. is there anyone else that went through this or can help me figure out how to get this to heal correctly, also the doctor has me washing the area lightly with dial antibacterial sop twice a day and patting it dry.

  on another note, I also work in a loud and Smokey environment .

Thank you, stevel


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Re: post Baha surgery complications..
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2016, 02:47:50 pm »
Haven't been through this myself - and it's not very common with BAHA implants - but it does happen.  From what I know, your doc's solution is the best one - let the BAHA site close up, wait for it to heal, and then try again (in a different area if possible).  For some unknown reason this happens now and then.  As I said, not typical, but it does happen.  I'm sure that's no consolation - but I can tell you that if you get to the point where your site heals and you start wearing the BAHA it's worth it. 

Hang in there; hope things get better for you.


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