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--- Quote from: alabamajane on February 04, 2016, 05:16:59 pm ---I agree too Mar that the light massage of area is most helpful. I felt like not only did it feel good but "reminded " the nerves/muscles what to do. Nothing too aggressive. I did not try acupuncture though. My Dr did mention NO electrical stimulation early on especially. That can lead to synkinesis or improper movements.

I'd be interested in knowing how you think acupuncture does. I have had it on a different part of my body with the little stimulation needles and sure wouldn't want that on my face,,, :-*

Hope you post how it goes. Good luck,,,,

--- End quote ---

One thing I find it helps with is facial numbness. I had some spots in my lower right cheek and chin that were less sensitive and I think acupuncture helped me get some feeling back. It also helped around my scar area. I had the retrosigmoidal approach and have a very large scar on the back of my head. Acupuncture helped with tenderness and reducing keloid formation.

I am lucky not to have issues with synkinesis or involuntary facial spasms (so far). I would recommend acupuncture if it's an affordable option, or if health benefits cover it. I admit some of the benefit is psychological; taking an hour a week just to relax and focus on your healing is beneficial by itself.

Dear mar,

That's an encouraging note (I think).  I'm about 4 weeks removed from my surgery to remove Large AN and I have significant facial paralysis on the right side (I'm a 5 on the "scale").  Eyelid is unresponsive, right side of mouth is droopy, nostril definitely not flaring.   

The nerve was not severed, just damaged by the tumor and the doctor thinks I'll regain this movement eventually.  He wrote me a script for PT after I asked him about E-Stim.  The last few weeks, I had a home based Speech Therapist using what she called the Bobath technique....icing, message, exercises...but she also suggests that E-Stim might be appropriate.  I'm going to give this therapy a shot starting next week.

Reading your note...and seeing the response of others, makes me realize that time and patience are common denominators in the facial nerve self-healing process.  Any other thoughts on E-Stim vs. massaging as a means to help it along?


Deke Lincoln

Every patient is different what works for one may not work for the other , good luck whatever works. Has anyone had the tongue nerve grsft tongue to help with facial paralysis ? If so, do u feel I made the right choice?

I had the " 12/7" hypoglossal nerve anastomoses,, nerve graft,, 4 days after my AN surgery in 2011. I am very happy with the results. I have good muscle tone on AN side of face, eye closes well ( I did have a gold weight in eyelid for the first year), and "resting face" looks pretty symmetrical.
I have a decent smile, although not a good open mouth smile. There are other surgeries I could have to obtain better smile, like the gracilis free flap surgery that Dr Tessa Hadlock from MA ear and eye hospital is known for,, but have not been interested in pursuing it.

I have no regrets though as I'm sure I have a better facial tone and movement than I would have had without the graft.

Good luck,,

Thank you for ur response, see the nerve graft would be about 20-23 months from the neuroma being removed, so really do u think it would still work?


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