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--- Quote from: JLR on July 31, 2018, 05:51:54 am ---I know it was very difficult to find a facial therapist. But finally did. Slight very slight improvement   I'm going to try massage next. Do you have a website for the massage instructions?  Thanks much, Joan

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I found the exact map given to me by my therapist on pinterest:

To do the massage I highly recommend seeing a therapist who can help you, but if you truly do not have one available, using your facial lotion and using medium to light pressure, rub it into your affected side by tracing the nerves with your opposite side hand's fingertips. If you come to a narrow area like the side of your nose, use 1 or 2 fingers, and for a broad area like the cheek or forehead, use three fingertips. Go slowly as possible and get a feel for how your muscles react.

If you come to a spot where you feel pain, simply hold your fingers there for a few seconds or until the pain diminishes. Do not press too hard. It isn't more effective with higher pressure. If your face starts to get puffy or red you are pressing too hard.

Another small thing that helps is to try to eat mostly with your paralyzed side of your face. If you can still swallow and move your jaw it gives your muscles a chance to move.

--- Quote from: marvin65 on September 05, 2018, 04:21:28 pm ---MAR,  THANK you for your post.  How does accupuncture help with reduce keloid formation .  I m 10 months post  translab. I am not sure but it seems theres a portion with keloid. I am applying silicone gel. I will try silicone sheet if it helps. Just too hot right now to try sheet. but I have never heard about acupuncture helping keloid. I have keloid growing up , since teen years. I am now in my 50's.

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Acupuncture did not stop keloid formation for me. I have a large scar going down the back of my neck and a smaller scar behind my ear. Due to the surgical site being on the back of my head (rs), it is hidden by my hair and glasses.

As an aside, if you have questions you would like to ask me, you can send me a private message. I get alerts to my email account when I get a private message and can respond more quickly.

Just wanted to keep this post current. It’s hard to find good info, especially by folks going thru it. I just had surgery on 12/11/20. I’m one month in and just starting facial therapy this week (consisting of about 8 exercises 5x a day to try to trigger reactions in front of a mirror). My pt told me stim therapy was not an option (they try not to use that anymore) as they’ve determined it’s better to have your nerves trigger on memories and movement than faking/forcing it. I will start cranial massage therapy in 2 weeks (my scar isn’t quite healed enough). I start balance therapy in 2 weeks. I was wondering about acupuncture and trying to find info on that and came across this post. I’ve been getting a little down bc of progress so this really helped me understand this isn’t happening in a couple weeks or even months. This is a long term healing solution and I need to be patient so thanks to all who had posted!! Good luck to all and keep the faith and positive vibes. It WILL happen.

Bre - I hope you have made some progress in these past months since your post.  I agree that some older posts are hard to dig up but hold a wealth of information.  When I signed up for the forum 7 years ago there wasn't as much available on the web, so member communication was vital.


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