Author Topic: Mouth and lip spasms 18 months post-op  (Read 1430 times)


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Mouth and lip spasms 18 months post-op
« on: January 16, 2023, 08:31:40 am »
Hello, I will start by saying I am seeking medical advice from a provider. However, I am curious of anyone's experiences regarding the below:
I had retrosigmoid surgery 18 months ago, gross total resection of my AN. Over the past week or so, the corner of my mouth and now lower lip on the tumor side is twitching/spasm-ing. I can't see it looking in a mirror, but I can feel it. Has anyone else experienced this so far out from surgery? Of course I am concerned about possible tumor left behind on my facial nerve that was missed, or a new growth. Thank you.
2.9cm left AN, 6/25/21 removed via RS gross total resection.