Author Topic: Vertigo over 4 yrs post retrosigmoid  (Read 3725 times)


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Vertigo over 4 yrs post retrosigmoid
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:10:39 pm »

I am 4+ years post op (retrosigmoid) to remove a 3+ cm AN. This year I have had intense and sudden episodes of vertigo, like I'm upside down on a roller coaster vertigo. I can't find any rhyme or reason to why they occur…the trigger. Two times I have been a passenger in a car, but this last episode occurred while I was sitting in a restaurant. I had not had any alcohol either. I an 49 years old and I have never had a vertigo attack before or after my AN, until recently. My vestibular system is shot. This AN has drastically altered my life and now this is a new occurrence. I am not saying with 100% certainty that they are related but it would seem that there must be some connection.

I've read other posts where people have experienced vertigo.

Three questions: have any of you suffered vertigo many years after surgery?
Have you figured out a trigger? and is there a drug that has successfully treated your vertigo and/or balance problems?

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Diag. Dr. Saffran ENT 3-9-11; 45 yrs at time of diag. 3.5+ cm AN rt side; 9 hr retrosigmoid craniectomy 5-12-11 FL Hosp. South, Neurosurgeon Dr. Melvin Field; Gold wt implant
Post-op: facial para. (rt), double vision (cleared up), SSD, tinnitus, balance issues, ataxia, movement disorder