Author Topic: Southern Louisiana - Drs. Arriaga and Krantz  (Read 1617 times)


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Southern Louisiana - Drs. Arriaga and Krantz
« on: September 24, 2015, 10:15:24 pm »
I was contacted by a woman recently diagnosed with a medium size AN.  She lives in Southern Louisiana and has seen Drs. Arriaga and Krantz.  I am posting for her since she doesn't have a computer.  She is looking to get in touch with  anyone who has had treatment with this team, as well as people in her area who had treatment out of state.
Husband diagnosed 5/30/09 with 3.2cm right AN
Surgery at  Columbia Presbyterian 8/4/09
Platinum eye weight implant - 8/17/09
17 days in hospital and rehab
SSD, facial weakness, some tinnitus, headaches , balance and eye problems