Author Topic: Do I need any medical evaluation before buying hearing aids?  (Read 2373 times)


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Hi all,
I recently had lost the hearing ability of my right ear and my doctor can’t recognise the reason for it. Does anybody have such an experience of sudden hearing loss without a specific reason? My father also had lost his hearing ability at the age of 40 and now, he is using hearing aids. Can hearing loss obtain as hereditary? Anyhow, I’m ended up going for a high-frequency advanced hearing aids from Calgary to get my hearing ability back. Do I need any medical clearance before buying hearing aids? Any suggestions will be appreciable. Thank you.


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Re: Do I need any medical evaluation before buying hearing aids?
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There are lots of reasons that you could lose your hearing suddenly in one ear..
While less likely to be an Acoustic Neuroma, it could be.. As a precaution you should be sent to an ENT for further evaluation and an MRI if nothing is obvious..
Do yourself a favour and make sure you don't have an AN.
Having it surgically removed many years from now when symptoms get worse is potentially devastating.
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Ignore this thread, folks.
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It's thinly disguised SPAM for a hearing aid company.

There's a link to it in the poster's paragraph.

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