Author Topic: Wonky head because of preserved branch of vestibularis?  (Read 15147 times)


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Re: Wonky head because of preserved branch of vestibularis?
« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2015, 12:32:27 am »
I had exactly that problem. I had radiation in 2004. My vestibular nerve was basically short circuiting. My wonky head was because I was constantly fighting for a new normal but could never find it. I had surgery in 2009 for the regrowing tumor and saw an immediate improvement in a lack of "wonkiness". Not perfect but definitely better.
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Re: Wonky head because of preserved branch of vestibularis?
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::)  Hello everyone, I am Kelly and I am just today finding out I will be having a Vestibular Nerve Section of the right ear/brain.  I suffer from a very rare/severe case of Meineres of the right ear.  Everything has been done and nothing has helped.  I am 3 months next week of 24/7 spinning and I am exhausted.  Can someone please tell me how long this surgery takes?  I have to fill my husband in on this news when he gets home from work today.  I haven't worked since Nov. 18 due to this and we have been thru alot.  So I want to explain as much as I can to him.  I haven't driven a car, so i depend on others to take me to appointments so my husband can go to work everyday!  Thank you so much!

Can't they just kill the vestibular function with a gentamycin injection through your eardrum?
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