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Pain after surgery questions
« on: December 14, 2014, 11:39:20 am »
Update of my situation "pain after surgery" and new question...
Luckily in the last 3 days I start to sleep better in the night, I'm very happy for this  :)
Remain disorders already said. Talking about my facial situation after the surgery, if you see me quickly everything seems to be like before, the mouth sides are ok, I can smile without particular differences between left and right. If I want to close my right eye I can (for example for sleep) but it doesn't close partly and automatically if I'm in sunlight, when the left one closes in part to too much light. The same for cold wind and so on. The right side of forehead is more stops than the left. My Dr says I have a slight paresis and it will solve in the coming months (probably). Doing nothing and taking no drugs.
This is the question...does anybody with my problem passed it doing nothing? No facial gym or drug like cortisone to help the healing? (Usually cortisone is taken for this target) I'm in the third week after the surgery and I don't want to lose time doing nothing for my problem.

The other problem is the follow..three days ago when I woke up in the night changing my position in bed, and when I was up in the morning after the sleep, I hear a particular sound in my head, for me is from the right ear (where I don't ear). It's similar to other tinnitus already heard but it is particular beacuse is like a mixed of metallic/moving liquid/swish (difficult to explain) the sound of the TV on without audio on. (but heard at high volume).I hope that somebody could understand. The sound start and change when I change my position with some volume increase, and after 5 or 10 minutes is off and remain my normal low tinnitus. I heard a similar sound sometimes in the nights of the 3 months prior the surgery. At that time I thought about a little blood (compare to the normal vascolature) In the ear because of the AN. With an highest pillow the problem was solved, for the majority of cases.
Now without the AN I don't know...I can think is connected to the blood or liquid in the ear stopped during the night infact from the surgery I don't sleep resting on the ear operated And I've an unnatural position. From the operation (first 2 weeks as i wrote in the first post) I have neck and wound pains too, much improved in this last week. I don't have headache in the day. I just continuos only to hear the ear function as an add and not my.
About the sound i think to the CSF pressure too because after the surgery my Dr says that I have low CSF in my head...could be connected to this? It's a problem? I don't know...4/5 days ago i don't feel this sound. Any of you have tried what i'm talking about?

Thank you