Author Topic: Vanderbilt or Mayfield Clinic?  (Read 2024 times)


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Vanderbilt or Mayfield Clinic?
« on: August 09, 2014, 11:37:18 am »

I was diagnosed in Aug., 2013 with a 4mm an in my left ear.  Saw Dr. Haynes at Vanderbilt and Dr. Warnick at Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati (which is closer to my home - near Louisville, KY) for second opinion.  Also consulted with Dr. Goddard from the House Clinic by phone.  All advised w&w for now.  My question is who to follow up with.  Both of these drs (I won't be going to House Clinic for now - too far) - Haynes & Warnick - seemed to me to be top notch.  All the research I've done confirms this.

Does anyone have any advice that might help me make a decision?

I am scheduled for my second MRI next month at Vanderbilt, but may opt for Mayfield in Cincinnati instead.