Author Topic: ANA Dues Up From Last Year.  (Read 17867 times)


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Re: ANA Dues Up From Last Year.
« Reply #30 on: August 05, 2015, 09:05:07 am »
It costs $1.20 to send a one ounce letter from the US to Canada yet Canadian members pay $70 for "international" dues when US members pay only $45.

How does that make any sense?
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Re: ANA Dues Up From Last Year.
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Here's some trivia to mull over - May 2014 on this thread I posted that my International Membership (I live in Canada) had increased to $70.00 US, and with the exchange rate on the date of that posting my membership was going to cost me $76.21 in CDN funds.  Based on today's exchange rate, it will now cost Canadians $92.16 for the very same membership you are paying $45.00 for as a US citizen.

Several years ago, I had a membership with another USA organization which obviously had different benefits, however, they also had a different approach to setting their fees. Currently, for US citizens their Single Membership fee is $65.00, for Canada and Mexico the single fee is $115.00 and for ALL OTHER countries the single fee is $215.00.  If postage is the main consideration in determining the ANA International Membership fees, then surely there is a difference in cost between sending correspondence to Canada and Mexico compared to Europe, Australia, etc. 

It does make ones head spin doesn't it!   ???


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