Author Topic: Why I'm bummed I took a while to make a decision  (Read 8148 times)


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Re: Why I'm bummed I took a while to make a decision
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2013, 12:00:15 am »
Thanks for the info on your surgery.  ;) makes me feel better knowing someone has also went to where I am looking to go and had such good results. I go for hearing test, again then with MRI Results to see dr arts on July 11th. With any luck if he decides on surgery I hope for it to be fairly soon. I'm a impatient persons. :) best wishes and keep updated on any changes. Thanks!!  Derika

Pam Fraley

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Re: Why I'm bummed I took a while to make a decision
« Reply #16 on: July 02, 2013, 08:53:19 am »
Derika,  I am also a patient of Dr. Arts at U of M.  My a/n is currently 5mm.  I have chosen wait and watch because I have minimal symptoms at this time.  I will have another MRI, ABR, hearing test, and consult with Dr. Arts on October 22nd.  I am attending the Michigan a/n lunch on 7/20.  You are welcome to join us.
6mmx4mm a/n (left IAC)
8-9mm meningioma (right cavernous sinus)
Diagnosed 2/5/2013 MRI
Wait & Watch -  Dr. Arts, University of Michigan
MRI scheduled for 10/22/2013
No change, continue w&w, repeat MRI in 6months

Jim J.

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Re: Why I'm bummed I took a while to make a decision
« Reply #17 on: July 04, 2013, 05:43:44 am »
Hi Rachel,
Your post has made me think a lot about my own situation. I was diagnosed a year ago with 1.6 c.m. A.N. and had to wait 8 months for my company ins. open enrollment in order to change my plan to be covered out of state. In the mean time I did some research and decided I wanted Dr. Friedman at House to perform my surgery. I felt it hard to make that decision because my symptoms were the same as yours but are minimal. Through out the entire year I had no fear of hearing loss which is at about 80% until I recently decided for hearing preservation. I watched a webanar by Dr. Friedman and was very impressed with the Middle Fossa approach and success rate. I talked with Friedman last week and found out I am a good candidate for that surgery. Dr. Friedman also told me he was leaving House Sept. 1st. to take a position at U.S.C. All of a suddon all I want is to save the hearing I have now. I scheduled my surgery right away only to find out I'm 8 weeks out for surgery on the 28Th of Aug. I feel good that I was able to beat the deadline of him leaving but now I'm very worried that in the next 8 weeks my hearing will leave me. It's funny with these A.N.'s how your emotions and decisions seem to change from month to month and how priorities change while making a decision. It really is a tough process.
Thanks for sharing your experiences and I wish you all the best luck in the future.