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Re: SoundBite ^..^
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CONGRATS Sue!!!! So glad you have found something that is helping you after all these years!! How wonderful!! I am still deciding what I would like to pursue so its always nice to hear success stories,, plus I am truly happy for you ,,,,best of luck adjusting to it ,,Jane
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Re: SoundBite ^..^
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Sue -

great to hear (no pun intended) how happy you are with your Sound Bite  ;D

Thanks for updating us,

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Re: SoundBite ^..^
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Great news, Sue!  Please continue to update us on how things go as you have fun with your new hearing!

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feeling great!

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Re: SoundBite ^..^
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Thanks all!  Phillies, I haven't even tried the phone but the audiologist said not to, not sure why. I will try it soon, I have been so busy at work.  Jane, this was the only thing that I considered because I never want to go under the knife again.  Jan, I'm glad you sense my enthusiasm and thanks for sharing it with me. Cindy, I will keep updating.  I feel it is my duty to share info with others that may be considering it, after all that is why I invested.

First full day:  I wore it all day at work but I work in a one on one quiet room. Went out  for supper and had to remove it, they told me that I could wear it while  eating but I can only chew on the side that I wear the mouth piece and food kept on sticking to the part that goes on the roof of my mouth.  If I could chew on the other side I think it would have been fine but that is paralysed so it's not happening.  That did not disappoint me at all. The mouth piece is very easy to put in and take out. After supper we went o a loud discount store.  No problems there and my husband never said "she's talking to you" so I don't think I missed anything.  What I can't understand is that they told me at the doctors office that it will take some getting used to, everything seems very natural so far. I thought that I would wear it a few hours at I time but that is not the case I find myself not wanting to take it off.

Life is good  :P   Sue
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