Author Topic: My 28 year battle with dry eye.  (Read 15113 times)


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Re: My 28 year battle with dry eye.
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Thanks saralynn I will continue looking for someone. Living in the middle of nowhere is nice, don't have to lock our doors, leave the keys in the car but getting help with something like this is sometimes a problem.
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Re: My 28 year battle with dry eye.
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My husband and I would like to move to a smaller town as I was born in one and loved it, however, I'm concerned about the medical issues I have and getting good and convenient treatment.  Sure hope you have some luck with all the great info. Saralynn gave you.  I didn't have to go to a special specialist, just went to the contact lens department at the local eye clinic.  My lens isn't as big as the scleral lens other have gotten but it sure works great.  Good luck, Jill
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