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Bells Pallsy Doctors
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:36:48 pm »
   I am in need of a Bells Pallsy specialist. I have had Bells Pallsy for over 4yrs now. I have no forehead movement, my eye does blink, when I smile my eye squints, I have tiny movement in my cheek which in turn makes my eye squint as well.I have no movement in my mouth and like I said I cannot move my eyebrow, there in minimal movement in my face. My eyebrow droops as well (as my family members say, I look like I have a black eye without the bruise). Before onset, I experienced EXTREME pain at the base of my skull.
  I have been to a neurologist who recommended Botox. I have had CT scans which did not result in anything noticeable. I would like to be referred to the BEST of the best. I am not too excited about surgery options, I have researched and found that they sometimes work and sometimes don't.
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Re: Bells Pallsy Doctors
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what cause it.