Author Topic: Neurosurgeon - Specialty with Hemi-Facial Spasm and Trigeminal Neuralgia  (Read 2503 times)


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I wanted to put this out there for anyone who might be having difficulties with the hemi-facial spasms or trigeminal neuralgia.  I saw a local neurosurgeon, Raymond Sekula (UPMC Hamot - Erie, PA), for an opinion on my treatment options for my AN.  I didn't have my surgery done by him because there isn't a local neurotologist that he works with.  He does, however, have a very good reputation for the conditions I listed.  There was an attorney in my office who was having hemi-facial spasms.  Dr. Sekula performed his surgery and he had a great outcome.  The website states that people come to him from around the world.  If you look around on the website, you can get information on scheduling a free consultation via Skype.

I hope this might help someone.

6/2009 7mm x 4mm  W&W
8/2011 9.5mm x 5mm
2/2012 UPMC Follow-up , slight growth
Surgery on 7/18/12 w/Drs. Friedman & Schwartz (mid-fossa)