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Re: Newbie Orlando Fl
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Hi John,

My AN had grown 2 mm (from 13 mm to 15 mm) in my 6 month followup MRI after being found in my first MRI, so it was recommended I have it removed, but watch and wait is certainly an option to consider.  My neurotologist (Mass General in Boston) has 1200 patients that are watch-and-waiting!
Diagnosed 12/1/2010, 12.3 mm x 15.2 mm x 15.2 mm, retrosigmoid removal by Drs. Barker & Lee at MGH on April 20, 2011. Lost blood supply to auditory nerve, so SSD. Facial paralysis.


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Re: Newbie Orlando Fl
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Hi John! There`s alot that goes into making a decision which will be you course of action. Fortunately with small AN you have much time to do this. As an example, I chose to W+W around 4 years ago with a 1 CM AN and been going 1 time a year for MRIs. With a course of healthy living (under W+W posts) Iv`e been stable and feeling good. With each decision very personal I wish you the best and am sure everthing will be fine. Mickey