Author Topic: needing more sleep after surgery  (Read 16561 times)


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Re: needing more sleep after surgery
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2011, 08:10:36 pm »
Moe - I had translab and am SSD in the right ear.  And you are right - there seems to be a proportionate relation between tiredness and the number of people.  That's why I haven't dealt with full Sunday mass yet - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people, all of whom I love (small church) but toooooo many!

Kaybo - I know you are right about the scheduling thingie.  Thanks be to God I have always been a morning person.  Right now, with the never knowing whether a nap is going to disrupt my night schedule, not so much.  But I will get back to it, I know.  I'm also experiencing anger/grief over my inability to do the 3 things at once multitasking I used to excel in, but I am sure I will eventually give and and get used to only doing 2 things at once, lol.

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Re: needing more sleep after surgery
« Reply #16 on: February 01, 2011, 06:42:37 am »
Oh girl - I am the queen of multitasking!!  I have 3 girls - 2nd, 3rd & 7th grade!  We have just moved this summer so we are slowly getting back into activities but right now I am a Room Mom, a Team Mom for basketball, I tutor, do a Bible Study and volunteer at the Middle School (& those are just the things I remember right now)...oh, Treasurer for Brownie troop, started a Photog Group here, and have to get one to gymnastics at the same time as those Tuesday activities!!  You'll get there!!   ;)

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K   ;D
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25 yrs then-14 hour surgery-stroke
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Re: needing more sleep after surgery
« Reply #17 on: February 01, 2011, 09:36:59 am »
I'm tired just reading your post K! And it's morning!
You ARE what comes to mind-~WONDER WOMAN!
I multitask , not like you, but still try!

Emom- don't fret. You'll probably get back to the multitasking thing as time progresses. You may realize one day.
"Hey, I'm multitasking!" Easy and slow now. Brain surgery and all the effects, affect the body: and listen to your body. Otherwise, overdoing it may result in more problems :(

I remember the year post op, in a nutshell:

I was living in Corpus Christi TX, husband was stationed in Bremerton WA. (We were doing the sacrificial geographical  dislocation so kid could finish high school, another one starting college). I found out about the tumor, went to WA, had the surgery. Back to Corpus in 6 weeks.  By the end of that first year, I had successfully sold our house, put the money into a "winter home" which is being rented now, graduated a kid from high school, sent 2 to college, moved (military did the bulk. Brother helped with the cross country trek), and settled into our previously purchased home in WA, waiting for hubby to come back from AFGHANISTAN..(great timing...)

Thinking back, I think how did I do that??????? I'm more tired now! Must have been adrenalin, and God  AND my daily nap. If it was 2 hours, so be it!

Check back with us in a couple of months and let us know how you are feeling. Feel free to chat here too!
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Re: needing more sleep after surgery
« Reply #18 on: February 02, 2011, 09:56:21 am »
lol....I think the correct phrase is "Needs must when the Devil drives" ???  That WAS serious multitasking.  You and Kaybo give me much hope.  Now, if God will just knock the equivalent amount of patience into my head.....

Many thanks.