Author Topic: ...the possibility that mobile phone use increased the risk of acoustic neuroma  (Read 10517 times)


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Thank you Annamaria, and to your husband.

You know, a person's gotta wonder; if so many juries are out for so long, how close of a connection can cell phones actually have to the creation and/or maintenance of or little alien invaders? I realize that I sometimes get rather cavalier, but wouldn't we have more reason to fear if there were stronger correlation between cell phone use and ANs? I don't know, maybe I'm missing the point, but I'm with Tod: "Act reasonably . . ."
5/21/10 diagnosis: Left side AN: size 25X17; tinnitus with variable volume, garbled word recognition, disequilibrium.

10/11/10 CK treatment@Stanford; Drs. Chang, Gibbs, Lieberson size 25 x 20 x 15 mm

4/24/12 size 23 X 20 X 15 no hearing change