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Scar Tissue and Headaches
« on: July 24, 2010, 09:54:26 am »
The issue of Scar Tissue has come up at several offices the last few weeks:  the PT, the Accupuncturist here in Maryland and the accupuncturist most recently in Beijing.  I keep mentioning the lump in my neck and my sub occipital area and my continuing headaches last night.   They said it had to do with scar tissue.   PT ended yesterday and she said that the scar tissue would have to resolve itself and move itself around.  She said that PT wouldn't help scar tissue...the lump in my neck.

Then I was on the phone with Denise last night and while we were chatting I remembered that my daughter now 29 had developed a really bad scar when a doctor at NIH did a bleeding time test on her arm with a tiny razor blade.   It became big and raised.   She also developed a big scar on her ankle from poison ivy and on her knee from the chicken pox.   The dermatologist called this keloids and under local anesthesia cut these out and said she should avoid surgery because she is prone to surgery and these run in families.

This got me thinking that maybe this is what I have developing on my surgery site that is giving me headaches.   I hate to have more surgery and do scar revision surgery to take out this lump, but if it'll help, I'll try.

Here is a link for reading on keloids:

Stay cool this week end for those of you on the East

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