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tinnitus and anti-depressants

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   Dose is .5mg.    I don't think that is very strong.     I take it around 10 or 11:00PM.    This dose does not seem to effect me at all.    It does not make me sleep better,  does not make me tired or even help with anxiety.   Which is why I got it in the first place. when I was contemplating surgery.   But it helps with the tinnitus.

Of course the prescription calls for three times per day.   That might have some effects,  but I have never taken that amount.  The only tests I have done with meds is with the xanax and varying the days taken.  I can't see any difference if I take it in the AM or PM.   So I take it at night.   Outside the meds I have found,  for me anyways that there are definatly triggers.    Loud noise,   chocolate milk and extreme tiredness all bring on a two or three day episode. I stay away from those as much as possible.     And as many have said in these forums,   just try and forget about it.   That and xanax,   I can keep it manageable.     Bryan

Xanax does help many people with tinnitus including myself.  Xanax is an anti-anxiety and not a known cause or contributor to tinnitus.  There are many, many reports of anti-depressants causing or making tinnitus worse and that is what I find to be so puzzling.  A number of doctors are prescribing it for tinnitus patients because they are suffering from depression.  Anti-depressants are not prescribed to help with tinnitus.  I've been on a low dose of zoloft since a few weeks after my first surgery when I really freaked out.  I spoke to my psychiatrist last night and he agrees that we need to know if it is making the noise louder for me and I'm going to taper off.  It takes 6 weeks, so we'll see.

.5mg xanax is a very  low dose.  That is what I'm taking a few times a day.  It is very common for people with severe tinnitus to take xanax and many people take a couple .5mg/daily.  I hope I don't have to keep taking it for a long time, but I have to get through this somehow.  I'm hoping that by getting off zoloft, the noise will mellow a little and that time will help me habituate.  It still rules my world and I'm praying for some cure or divine intervention.


It's been helpful that you posted this topic.  I'm going to talk to my doctor soon and see about switching from the Wellbutrin to the Xanax.  If that helps at all it would be huge.  I know what you're dealing with, and am sorry you or anyone has to (when it's so bad).
Good luck, and thanks to everyone who chimed in.

Just an update...  I experienced a major spike in my T when I increased the zoloft which is why I decided to get off the drug and see what happens.  Well, that plus a number of stories online about how AD's can make T worse.  So, as I've been tapering off, I am frequently getting the wind tunnel whooshing sound all day long now.  I used to only hear it at night which was when I took  my 50mg zoloft before bed.  Now, I'm totally off the drug and hearing the whooshes very frequently.  It's so weird!  Must be my brain chemistry must be working things out in there, but I hope it goes away.  It's hard not to jump back to the old routine of 50mg zoloft and settle for the occasional wind tunnel effect, but I'm determined to wait this out and see what happens.  The constant noise is still the same, but this whooshing means that something is happening in there.  I hope it's a good sign.

Anyone else taper of AD's and have a similar experience?

Hearing major wind gusts in Pasadena, but the palm trees aren't swaying....hmmm.


Cheryl R:
I have just been going off Lexapro and having some weird noises which know from experience will go away.      Lexapro gives me GI problems which disappeared immed once off it.     Celexa did also.          I went off Effexor last summer as wondering if that was the cause of my nightly very weird dreams.  It was not but am not sure if should go back on that one or not.    It took me a good month at least to go off it.    Some weird noises and a funny feel in the back of the neck.         Knew that was the cause as would go away when was doing the tapering and back the day took none.       I have been lucky with not having some real bad withdrawl symptoms as have read some people write about on some internet sites.              Prozac made me jittery.      So not sure what to do next.                    I would see if staying off helps you in time.                  I have never noticed the tinnitis worse when on any but so much varies with people.                    Good luck with what you end up doing.   
                                                         Cheryl R


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