Author Topic: Just diagnosed, need physicians information in Toronto or London, Ontario area  (Read 2554 times)


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Hi everyone,

I was just diagnosed as AN, and so plead to find this forum, thank everybody sharing their information. Since my case is open to both surgery and radiation. does anybody know physicians in Toronto or London, west Ontario who has experience to treat AN?




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As I had mine in Ottawa, I can only vouch for the team at the Civic Hospital...Benoit and Schramm
14mmX11mmX11mm left ear
TRANSLAB 04/07/09 2cms at time of surgery
Dr. Benoit and Schramm, Ottawa Civic Campus
SSD ,some facial numbness
Baha surgery sept 22/09
residual tumor 13mmX7mmX8mm
2016 new growth.  25mmX21mmX22mm
cyberknife on June 7

Jim Scott

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Chiwen ~

Hello and welcome.  I'm sorry you have an acoustic neuroma but glad you discovered the ANA discussion forums! 

Unfortunately, I'm not a Canadian and cannot answer your query regarding AN-experienced doctors in your area but I did want to offer my greetings.  We have quite a few Canadian members posting here and I trust that one of them will be able to give you the information you're seeking.  Meanwhile, feel free to ask anything because, although we're not doctors, collectively, our members have a wealth of experience that they are eager to share.  We would like to know more about you, too.  The size of the diagnosed AN and whatever information you wish to share.  Thanks.  :)

4.5 cm AN diagnosed 5/06.  Retrosigmoid surgery 6/06.  Follow-up FSR completed 10/06.  Tumor shrinkage & necrosis noted on last MRI.  Life is good. 

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welcome to the forum, indeed you will find quite a few Canadians here.

Denise (name on the forum "Denisex2boys) had surgery in London Ontario with Dr. Parnas, who is considered an expert in the field.

Of course there are many experts in Toronto, with Sunnybrook and Toronto Western being the hubs. Dr. Rutka (I think at Toronto General) is the top neurotologist in the field, and there are many other neurosurgeons at Sunnybrook and Toronto Western.
As far as radiation goes, the closest one to you would be the Gamma Knife centre at Toronto Western. A CK facility is planned for Hamilton, but I am not sure about the time frame.

There are many forumites in the Toronto area, Ann ("Keeping up"), Nikki ("Opp"), Vivian have done extensive research on the various doctors and you may want to get their opinions.

GK on April 23rd 2008 for 2.9 cm AN at Toronto Western Hospital. Subsequent MRIs showed darkening initially, then growth. Retrosigmoid surgery on April 26th, 2011 with Drs. Akagami and Westerberg at Vancouver General Hospital. Graduallly lost hearing after GK and now SSD but no other issues.


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I from Hamilton Ont, and I see Dr Rutka at the Toronto General.

Anne Marie
Sept 8/06 Translab
Post surgical headaches, hemifacial spasms and a scar neuroma. 
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