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Cold related issues
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:20:38 am »
Hi all

I was hoping someone could help me. Just to understand things really and if what I've experienced anyone else has.

I have a cold, which I'm coping with. the only good thing about the right side of my face not working is I can still breath out of my the right side of my nose. I knew there had to be a perk to all of this!!

anyway down to the real question. For the couple of day before I started to get my cold my eye was really playing me up. No matter what eye drops I put in nothing made it feel better and it also stopped watering on its own accord. I was actually getting concern that the nerve was going backforward instead of improving. Anyway today the cold can out to play and now my eye is watering like a gooden and feels great (normal). Has anyone else experience change before they have become ill?