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I had the screw implanted on Dec 16, 2008 and wanted to know if anyone has had problems with the skin trying to swell up and over the the abutment.  Is there any way to keep this from happening without steroid injections?  Thhis just started 2 weeks ago. 
Also is mild pain around the screw a common problem?  The doc says there is no infection and doesn't know why the pain. I get to hear the rest of what I'm missing on March 27th if we can keep the skin around the screw under control.

Well, it seems like you and I are the rare few that have problems with our abuttments! 

I have a problem with the skin growing up around the abuttment too - I've had mine for about a year and a half now.  I have a steroid cream called clobetasol that works great.  If I notice it swelling, I put it on at night and usually by the next morning, it's back to normal.  I guess some of us have skin that just wants to heal over what it thinks is a wound.  Apparently, our skin has no idea how much we paid for that "wound" or how much we want it there!

Ask your doctor about that cream, it works great - as long as there's no infection, then he'd probably suggest bacitracin or bactroban.

Good luck and happy BAHA day!


I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your skin trying to overgrow the abutment and I know the fact that this is unusual, especially for a woman (my doc told me this tend to happen more often in large men because their scalps are thicker) is no comfort to you.  Lori's steroid cream sounds like a better solution than steroid injections, if it works for you.  I am just at the two month post-op mark too and am watching my BAHA site very carefullly for any sign of things going wrong.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your doc will think the clobetasol will work for you.

Best wishes,

Thanks  Lori!  My docotor is supposed to call me Monday.  I'll ask him about the cream.   
Is the swelling/skin growth a constant problem?  Is there anything else I should be concerned about?  My doc said there was nothing to worry about and did not provide any care instructions other than wash with finger tips and not nails.  I knew I had thick skin but not on my scalp!  Wendy, may your screw continue to cause no problems.

Robin -

sorry to hear about your BAHA problems.  IMO what you are experiencing is more the exception than the norm.

I had my implant surgery 1 year and 4 days ago.  The site healed without any issues and I've never experienced any infections or irritations.  I haven't experienced any swelling or skin growth either. 

I hope the doctor has a good solution for you on Monday.

Keep us posted.



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