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Moving of some threads to appropriate Forums - March 2020


Hi all,

A few threads, here and there, have been moved to more appropriate forums. You may be searching for a thread that may have initially been posted in "AN Issues" or "Inquiries" that pertained to particulars, such as hearing or were more community-based. Please know your threads have not been deleted, but moved to more appropriate forums. If you do not see a thread in a forum where it was started but you know it pertains to a particular forum topic, please check another forum (ie: if you did a thread in AN Issues pertaining to tinnitus, please check the "Hearing" forum for it may have been moved there).  You can also use the "Search" feature if you have a difficult time finding it.

If you have any questions on this, please let me or JoeF know..... we're here to help.



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