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My Otolaryngology (ENT) / Neurotology doctor is suggesting that I consider XII-VII anastomosis XII-VII "interposition jump grafts as way to rectify a problem that I am having after my translab last year.  Has anyone had any experience with this surgery? What are the pro's and con's of having it done? We are meeting again next month to decide if it is something that I should have done. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Thomasb ,,
I had this surgery 4 days after my AN translab surgery 8 years ago. My facial  nerve was severed during surgery due to tumor involvement. Neurologist felt I should have it done immediately in order to get best results. I am happy with results. You basically will use your tongue to close your eye and smile a closed mouth smile. Hard to explain but becomes second nature.

I have very good muscle tone in my face. Without the graft I believe I would have significant drooping. At rest you can not tell I have paralysis. My eye would not close completely on its own. I had a gold eye weight put in after surgery for a year.( it has been removed). Now my eye closes well. I did not get much movement in my forehead on AN side but that was expected.  My tongue works differently in that the right side ( AN side) is atrophied and so I eat on just one side of my mouth. I eat slowly and can become chocked easily but that may just be me. I have a very sensitive gag reflex.

Overall I’m happy with the graft. If you want a better more open mouth smile ,there are other surgeries you can have ( such as gracilis free flap)  but I did not. In hindsight, I would probably consider it more than I did. I do miss my smile!

I hope this has helped some. I’m sure others will chime in,,,
Best of luck to you,,, let us know how it goes and what you decide. We are here for you,,,,


Thanks for your feedback. I will take this under consideration. I meet with my ENT in 2 weeks and I have to relay to him then what I have decided.

Hi Everyone: After my 12 month post-op consultation with my ENT-Otolaryngologist, we all agreed that because of my current state of being that XII-VII anastomosis is not necessary. We will revisit this option at my 18 month evaluation in August 2020. Thank You for your thoughts.


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