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CK going back again after 8 years


chloes mema:
Has anyone had CK done twice on the same AN?

May of 2012 I had CK (size was 12.5 mm), last week found out the results of my last MRI; growth of 1 1/2 mm.  Current MRI compared to my MRI in 2017 which was 11 mm now it's 12X13 mm. 

Also, being treated for Meniere's disease in my "good" ear which only has 68% word recognition. 

Very concerned about this second go around since I'll be recouping at home by myself.  I have started calling around to Visiting Angels and Home Instead for information.

Going in two weeks for first consultation with oncologist.  I really don't want to have this done again but the neurotologist said it's not going to stop growing or shrink on it's own.   :'(

I've been looking over my old posting to try to remember what it was like after CK, maybe that's not a good idea since I'm 8 years older and the body is much different now; SSD left, balance issues etc.  Doc said well at least you have all that so you don't need to worry about or get use to it.  (smart A)  :-X

Chloes mema,
I notice it has been awhile, but wanted to see what you decided and how it has turned out?
Thank you.

chloes mema:
As it turned out another MRI showed that it had shrunk slightly so now I'm back on annual MRI's.

Chloes mema,
I'm curious - did the CK make any of your symptoms worse or did you already have the balance issues and SSD prior to CK? Glad to hear you didn't have to do a second round of CK.


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