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3 years out.... facial regression?

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So I've seen a few posts dealing with this but they were fairly old so I thought I'd start new.  Over the past year or so I have felt my paralyzed has regressed some.  If I look at pictures from within the first year after surgery, you could see a bit of an upward tilt to my mouth and when I smiled, you could see a few more teeth than what you can now.  To be fair I stopped seeing my facial therapist about a year ago and did not continue exercises.  So I was kind of thinking that was why I had change.  Today has been exactly 3 years since removal of my tumor.  They left a sliver on my facial nerve.   My last MRI was a year ago in March.  My next is this September.  Around Easter of this year,  my paralyzed side eye started twitching....the upper eyelid.  And I am not talking just here and there....last weekend I started using topical magnesium because I HAVE been rather stressed these days and this was recommended.  But also in this last week, I have been feeling a tingling/burning/cooling?  in my lip/mouth/cheek area and sometimes it feels like the muscle is pulling.  So I think you all know what I am wondering.  Like, is it my tumor growing back or what are the chances this is nerve regeneration?  I think I remember wen my face was healing,  I'd have a setback before I would see progress.  I am currently working on getting a new script to see my facial therapist again but in the meantime, I would love to hear ideas or experiences.

I think if I was you, I would get the MRI moved up just to have peace of mind. I do think it is possible for nerves to continue to regenerate, based on what I have read. In the meantime, I would continue with facial exercises. Please let me know the outcome is.

I called yesterday and moved my MRI up to June 12th...and I will see my neurosurgeon on the 18th, so I'll know then which way to go!  I really feel that it is NOT the tumor growing but peace of mind goes a long way!

Here's hoping your symptoms are positive signs vs negative, and your MRI goes well

How much improvement has your face made since your surgery? My surgery was 5 months ago and I am getting a platinum eye weight implanted on June 13th. I'm glad you got your date moved up. Here's to good news!


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