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No improvement at 6 mo post-op

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I had a 4 cm right acoustic neuroma resected 6 mo ago (while 24 wks pregnant) with immediate HB 5 facial paralysis after surgery. I have had little to no improvement since this time. I had a facial EMG yesterday that showed really low level activity in branches to eye and mouth, but no movement clinically. However, I am starting to lose hope.  Just curious if others have had facial nerve recovery that started later than 6 mo post op. Thanks!

Hi Tuxedocat,
Please do not lose hope. Your healing continues & you will slowly improve. I didn't show any great improvement until 8 months or more postop & even today almost 2 years post I am still feeling gradual return to function. I am so sorry you are having to be brave & dealing with this, but we are all with you.
Colleen aka lablove

My tumor was the same size, and I was also youngish (38). After two months my forehead had movement which thrilled the doctor (and me!). The face and eye took several years to get to a point where people who hadn't seen me since my surgery commented on how much better I looked and that my smile and eye closure issue were hardly noticeable. I feel pretty at the age of 56.  Best of luck to you!!!!! You can e-mail me if you want.  Patti

Thank you so much for the inspiring messages, I really appreciate it! I guess continued patience is the key, however your accounts make me feel better!

My tumor was half the size you mentioned (details in my signatures below) and my assessment was HB scale 4 (surgeons called it something between 3 to 4).

I am just 3 days to complete 6th month and guess what, ZERO improvement. Only things that I can assume improved are 1) my ability to swallow food, 2) swelling on face has gone... nothing else. I still can't close one eye, can't open my mouth big enough to take a bite of burger, smile from left side shows I am happily married while the right side is as if my girlfriend just ditched me.

I have been told to hold the horses, wait more 6 months then consider electronic stimulation and upon no results consider facial reanimation...

Wish you good luck!


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