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GRACILIS MUSCLE TRANSPLANT—I’m considering this surgery. Has anyone out there had it? How is recovery? Is your ankle or top of foot numb? Can you smile? Would you do it again? Any information you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

I had this done, along with others. I would do it again. I don't notice anything different in my leg however I also had the nerve that provides sensation to my outer foot removed and placed in my face so I can't really say. With all the surgeries I had done I have a better smile than I had, ain't perfect but it's there

Thank you for the reply. I really am not thrilled with the thought of having the surgery but i plan on doing it. I am going to be brave. I’m concerned about unknown side effects. I plan on the following: eyelid weight, facial sling, cross facial nerve graft with gracilis muscle implant. All sound horrible.

Is there anything I should question?


I didn't get the weight, had all the others.
I would just wonder if the doctor had done all this in someone else and if he had pictures of before and after each procedure.


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