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BAHA questions
« on: February 26, 2020, 03:38:01 pm »
Hi: I wear traditional hearing aids and have a very good functioning auditory nerve in my worst, right ear. But the bone conduction in my right middle ear is bad. I test drove a few external BAHA aids at my audiologists and had mixed reactions. My hearing improved for sure and my voice sounded different. However I'm a classical guitarist and when I played the guitar, I was disappointed by the quality of sound. I understand that an implant will sound better. also,even with my traditional aids I have to have a music program that disables all of the compression and noise reduction features. this will be available with a BAHA.

Cochlear has a just approved implant called Osia that doesn't use a post. so no infections etc. The audiologist is very excited by this device.

My voice recognition is excellent and my hearing on the left side is pretty good. I'm not SSD. But I often won't hear people on my right side, even with an aid. Moreover, my bass range hearing is very poor. Oh, and I have eustachian tube dysfunction that causes fluid build up in my middle ear during allergy season--and that lasts for months. That really distorts the sound of my guitar. A BAHA would circumvent all that. Hooray!

I may be able to wear an external band to try a BAHA out more fully. Really my only concern is that the quality of sound with the BAHA Osia will be worse than with my traditional aids. However, with the Osia,or another BAHA like Oticon, supposedly I will be hearing across the full spectrum of sound unlike now--or darn near.

Thoughts>? sorry for the length.
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